SEI Industrial Chemicals anti-graffiti coating on stucco building for long term protection

In California, stucco is a commonly used construction material that is assaulted daily by a variety of Environmental Contaminants, Weather and Frequent Damage by Graffiti Vandals. SEI Industrial Chemicals in California specializes in protecting and removing graffiti from stucco surfaces. Here is another recent example of a stucco surfaced structure being protected for years to come against environmental contaminants, bubble gum, grease, foot prints, spray paint, stickers, crayons, markers and wax. To find out more, call (408) 402-5395 or email

Graffiti tags easily removed from metal newsstand in less than 90 seconds

Graffiti tags easily removed from metal newsstand in less than 90 secondsOne of the most heavily hits surfaces are newspaper stands in cities. There is a constant battle against the unwanted marks and a never ending problem. Additionally, many municipalities have ordinances in place requiring quick removal of graffiti or the vendor faces fines.  This SF Weekly newsstand is protected with SEI Industrial Chemicals anti-graffiti coating.  The video illustrates removals of slap tags and spray paint all in around 90 seconds.  Additionally, the protective clear coat is still in place and will survive foot prints, gum, tape, labels, spilled beverages, spray paints, markers, crayons and many other items.

Mural Utility boxes & doors protected by SEI Industrial Chemicals

Utility boxes before wrapped and protected

Students participated in an annual community event to help create artwork that would eventually be selected to be printed on to vinyl and be wrapped on city doors that are prominently displayed on various buildings. SEI Industrial Chemicals GPA-300 Graffiti Proofer anti-graffiti coating was applied to doors and utility boxes throughout the city to help protect against bubble gum, tape, stickers, spray paint, markers, crayons and labels.

Utility boxes being protected with Graffiti Proofer

Plastic Fire Alarm Pull Covers protected from stickers, labels, graffiti slap tags and more

Many municipalities install plastic covers over publically displayed fire alarm pulls which solves one problem and creates another… Graffiti slap tags (labels, stickers). Traditionally, options were very limited. Either purchase a new cover each time, use chemicals to remove tags which usually results in damaging the plastic, or trying to apply a coating on the plastic to help repel stickers which usually “fogs” the plastic and makes in unusable. The Graffiti Proofer product has been successfully used by Cities to protect the plastic fire alarm covers against slap tags, graffiti spray paint and even markers… All without fogging the plastic. The Graffiti Proofer non-sacrificial coating provides long term protection for many removals.

To learn more about how SEI Industrial Checmicals Non-Sacrificial Graffiti Proofer protects Fire Alarms from stickers and graffiti, watch this video!

SEI Industrial Chemicals Graffiti Proofer protects entire structure for years to come

Another structure protected by SEI Industrial Chemicals Graffiti Proofer to assist in repelling permanent markers, spray paint, stickers and other various types of graffiti. Cleaning and removals are as simple as using a damp towel or a low pressure wash without using any chemicals. The structure is protected for many years and will withstand numerous removals without harming the non-sacrificial anti-graffiti coating.

SEI Industrial Chemicals’ Anti-Graffiti Coatings Certified by Nevada DOT

New Line of Anti-Graffiti Coatings from SEI Industrial Chemicals, certified by Nevada DOT

A line of highly effective anti-graffiti coatings from SEI Industrial Chemicals has recently been approved and added to the Qualified Products List by the State of Nevada Department of Transportation. The products are 200 Graffiti Proofer® Anti-Stick and 300 Graffiti Proofer® Non-Stick anti-graffiti coatings. The firm responsible for introducing the environmentally-friendly anti-graffiti coatings to Nevada State officials is SEI Industrial Chemicals Reno.

Company sources report that the process began when State officials discovered that the SEI Industrial Chemicals anti-graffiti products, unlike others on the market, were single component coatings that offered incredible ease of graffiti removal, longevity (up to 10 years) and significant cost savings. The GPA-300 product allows anyone to remove graffiti with a dry cloth or water rinse without the use of any cleaning chemicals. These are the only anti-graffiti coatings approved by the Nevada DOT that are single component.

The Graffiti Proofer coatings are sold by or can be applied by registered affiliate entities or certified applicators. SEI Industrial Chemicals offers anti-graffiti, anti-mold, anti-slip and restorative coating products and services.

The Graffiti Proofer coatings are clear, UV stable, chemical and abrasion resistant and provide true non-stick surfaces that resist paint, permanent markers, stickers and adhesives. The products incorporate a unique nanotechnological constituent that both penetrates the surface and builds a durable non-stick and chemically resistant film. Further, the products are non-toxic, environmentally friendly, non-reactive and VOC, AQMD and CARB compliant.

For more information on the full line of SEI Industrial Chemicals products and services please go to or email

SEI Industrial Chemicals Graffiti Proofer used on stucco walls at strip malls

Stucco is one of the most challenging substrates to remove graffiti. Either ghosting, chemical scaring or the physical removal of the underlying stucco is the common result when trying to remove graffiti. There is a solution! Graffiti Proofer is a non-sacrificial coating that can be rolled, brushed or sprayed on to numerous surface types. Once the Graffiti Proofer is properly applied to the substrate, protection is in place for years and will withstand numerous graffiti removals without having to use harsh chemicals or damaging the stucco.

Newsstands freed of graffiti with SEI Industrial Chemical removal products

Newsstand with slap tags, graffiti, paint and markers:

SEI Industrial Chemicals Graffiti Removal Products:

Newsstand cleaned and free of grafitti by using affordable SEI Industrial Chemical graffiti removal products:

SEI Industrial Chemicals GPA-300 protects water tanks throughout the State of California

Water tanks are an ever growing necessity in new communities throughout the State. Many water tanks and water towers are located in elevated remote locations making them prime candidates for art without permission (a.k.a. Graffiti). SEI Industrial Chemicals’ Graffiti Proofer is applied to water tanks to help preserve them from the elements, paint, labels, markers and chemicals.

Ultility Boxes protected by SEI Industrial Chemicals

Utility boxes are a part of life in any metropolitan area. Many cities and utilities are realizing that these boxes don’t need to have eyesores that are magnets for graffiti. Through community efforts and beautification funds, many cities are painting murals or applying vinyl wraps of artwork over utility boxes. SEI Industrial Chemicals has been providing protection for these arts of work for years. The Graffiti Proofer coating helps protect the artwork from nature’s elements and against labels, stickers, spray paint, markers, crayons and many other forms of graffiti.