SEI Industrial Chemicals Demonstration of Graffiti Proofer at Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge, one of the world’s most famous landmarks, was the site of a recent demonstration for the Graffiti Proofer to perform. Humid salt air and other marine elements are a consistent nagging factor in this part of the City by the Bay. The Graffiti Proofer has 3rd party testing and case histories that show superior performance under harsh circumstances that nature and man can deliver. Spray paint, graffiti stickers and other forms of graffiti are repelled by the GPA-300.

To learn more about how SEI Industrial Chemicals Graffiti Proofer works and how successful it was against graffiti on Vancouver, Canada’s  Light Rail Train System, watch this Graffiti Proofer video!

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Graffiti removal with a cold water rinse on split face concrete block: SEI Industrial Chem. GPA-300

SEI Industrial Chem. in Nor Cal demonstrates graffiti removal using low pressure cold water wash and no chemicals to remove graffiti spray paint.  Split face block is commonly considered one of the most difficult substrates to remove spray paint from due to the peaks and valleys of the face of the concrete block.