Another structure protected by SEI Industrial Chemicals- Graffiti Proofer

Stucco, cement block and other surfaces protected

A multi-colored multi-surfaced building is coated with SEI Industrial Chemicals GPA-300. Our Graffiti Proofer sticks to a myriad of substrates as illustrated in this photo with the non-sacrificial coating applied to cement block, stucco and other painted surfaces.  The Graffiti Proofer clear coat helps prevent the permanent staining caused by graffiti vandalism by way of spray paints, permanent markers, lipstick, paint pens, and other commonly used tools of the graffiti vandal can be successfully removed without marring the surface. The treated surfaces are also protected from the harmful effects of the environment (smog, ultra-violet rays, sulfur dioxide (SO₂), smoke, ozone, dirt, wind, sea mist and spray, and other common urban pollutants).  For more information please call (408) 402-5395 or email

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