SEI Industrial Chemical GPA-300 on 31,000 sq ft Concrete Block Wall

The approximate size of this retaining wall project is 31,389 square feet. The cement block wall was erected to be utilized as an embankment. Behind the wall are hundreds of thousands of cubic meters of organic fill to house a brand new Canadian Tire Superstore.
The builder/owner felt that the sheer height and size of the wall would be a prime target for graffiti. The SEI Industrial Chemical Graffiti Proofer was chosen amongst those considered due to its superior protective qualities of allowing graffiti to be removed without the use of chemicals. The normal 10 foot cut off line for graffiti protection has become an increased concern as taggers are using Super Soakers and other apparatus to apply graffiti at elevated heights.
By protecting the entire retaining wall with the GPA-300 Graffiti Proofer, the owner and surrounding residents will be able to enjoy a protected surface for years to come instead of a large permanent canvas for unauthorized graffiti spray paint, stickers and markers.
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