SEI Industrial Chemicals Graffiti Proofer used on stucco walls at strip malls

Stucco is one of the most challenging substrates to remove graffiti. Either ghosting, chemical scaring or the physical removal of the underlying stucco is the common result when trying to remove graffiti. There is a solution! Graffiti Proofer is a non-sacrificial coating that can be rolled, brushed or sprayed on to numerous surface types. Once the Graffiti Proofer is properly applied to the substrate, protection is in place for years and will withstand numerous graffiti removals without having to use harsh chemicals or damaging the stucco.

Newsstands freed of graffiti with SEI Industrial Chemical removal products

Newsstand with slap tags, graffiti, paint and markers:

SEI Industrial Chemicals Graffiti Removal Products:

Newsstand cleaned and free of grafitti by using affordable SEI Industrial Chemical graffiti removal products:

SEI Industrial Chemicals GPA-300 protects water tanks throughout the State of California

Water tanks are an ever growing necessity in new communities throughout the State. Many water tanks and water towers are located in elevated remote locations making them prime candidates for art without permission (a.k.a. Graffiti). SEI Industrial Chemicals’ Graffiti Proofer is applied to water tanks to help preserve them from the elements, paint, labels, markers and chemicals.

Ultility Boxes protected by SEI Industrial Chemicals

Utility boxes are a part of life in any metropolitan area. Many cities and utilities are realizing that these boxes don’t need to have eyesores that are magnets for graffiti. Through community efforts and beautification funds, many cities are painting murals or applying vinyl wraps of artwork over utility boxes. SEI Industrial Chemicals has been providing protection for these arts of work for years. The Graffiti Proofer coating helps protect the artwork from nature’s elements and against labels, stickers, spray paint, markers, crayons and many other forms of graffiti.

SEI Industrial Chemicals Demonstration of Graffiti Proofer at Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge, one of the world’s most famous landmarks, was the site of a recent demonstration for the Graffiti Proofer to perform. Humid salt air and other marine elements are a consistent nagging factor in this part of the City by the Bay. The Graffiti Proofer has 3rd party testing and case histories that show superior performance under harsh circumstances that nature and man can deliver. Spray paint, graffiti stickers and other forms of graffiti are repelled by the GPA-300.

To learn more about how SEI Industrial Chemicals Graffiti Proofer works and how successful it was against graffiti on Vancouver, Canada’s  Light Rail Train System, watch this Graffiti Proofer video!

SEI Industrial Chemicals is Local Leader in Anti-Graffiti Technology, Restoration & Cleaning Technology, Anti-Graffiti Coating Technology, Sealing Technology and Anti-Microbial Technology

SEI Industrial Chemicals is a national leader in Graffiti Prevention, Graffiti Removal and Anti Graffiti Coatings & Sealants. Their innovative technology is making it easier for Companies, Local Municipalities and Individual Property Owners to effectively prevent graffiti on all types of surfaces, protect surfaces against mold, and coat potentially slippery or high traffic walkways with non-slip surfaces for safety. SEI Industrial Chem. offers theSEI Industrial Chem. Graffiti Removal

best local graffiti removal, mold prevention, industrial coating services and more throughout California and the Pacific Northwest. For more information about the Anti-Graffiti Coatings, Graffiti Prevention Coatings, Industrial Sealants, Non-Slip Coatings and Graffiti Proof paint learn more at or watch this video!

Graffiti removal with a cold water rinse on split face concrete block: SEI Industrial Chem. GPA-300

SEI Industrial Chem. in Nor Cal demonstrates graffiti removal using low pressure cold water wash and no chemicals to remove graffiti spray paint.  Split face block is commonly considered one of the most difficult substrates to remove spray paint from due to the peaks and valleys of the face of the concrete block.


SEI Industrial Chemicals Sponsors the San Jose “Downtown Doors” Art Gallery for Student Artists

For the next two years the artwork of 28 middle and high school students will be on view in San Jose as part of the 24/7 art gallery known as Downtown Doors.

It’s a gallery of artwork covering service doors and utility boxes and one that has more than a million pedestrians walking by each year. Not everyone stops, but those who do are momentarily lifted by the imaginative art created by area teens.  Check out the San Jose Mercury News article here

SEI Industrial Chemicals Sponsors San Jose "Downtown Doors"

SEI Industrial Chemicals Sponsors San Jose “Downtown Doors”

Here is a video detailing what “Downtown Doors” is all about

To find out more about the San Jose “Downtown Doors” Gallery, visit their website here


SEI Industrial Chemical helps Slap Tags, Markers and Spray Paint Graffiti Removals from Stop Sign

Stickers, Slap tags, Permanent Markers and Spray Paint are the traditional tools of choice for the common graffiti artist, vandal or “tagger”.  Many large and small municipalities find themselves struggling with the constant cost of removing and cleaning this type of rampant vandalism.

Graffiti covered stop sign

A public stop sign covered with stickers, permanent marker and spray paint graffiti

Luckily, SEI Industrial Chem. in NorCal provides a variety of answers to this common and costly problem. Graffiti Vandals are stopped in their tracks with SEI Indurtial Chemicals!  Watch this video to see how easy it is to remove Stickers, Slap Tags, Permanent Marker and Spray Paint Graffiti from a metal stop sign!