Concrete “Mural” Arches protected by SEI Industrial Chemicals of California

Helping protect artwork

The entrance for many communities and city centers are frequently highlighted with arches, signage or columns. These high traffic areas and commonly subjected to foot prints, gum, graffiti stickers, spray paint and environmental contaminants. To help preserve the structure along with the artwork, many property owners, managers and municipalities turn to SEI Industrial Chemicals in California to supply a long-term solution to helping preserve and protect their assets. For more information please call (408) 402-5395 or email
Prints removed with water and a rag:

Graffiti tags easily removed from metal newsstand in less than 90 seconds

Graffiti tags easily removed from metal newsstand in less than 90 secondsOne of the most heavily hits surfaces are newspaper stands in cities. There is a constant battle against the unwanted marks and a never ending problem. Additionally, many municipalities have ordinances in place requiring quick removal of graffiti or the vendor faces fines.  This SF Weekly newsstand is protected with SEI Industrial Chemicals anti-graffiti coating.  The video illustrates removals of slap tags and spray paint all in around 90 seconds.  Additionally, the protective clear coat is still in place and will survive foot prints, gum, tape, labels, spilled beverages, spray paints, markers, crayons and many other items.